Information Technology

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Full and part-time faculty and staff at Johns Hopkins University are eligible to take a wide variety of courses in Information Technology. These courses are funded as part of your benefits and are not charged directly to you or your department as long as you follow and complete the "Terms and Conditions" agreement on attendance before the first time you register for a course.

Our course offerings include:  programming languages, desktop applications (Word, Excel, Outlook), databases, and programs used by web designers and graphics specialists. These courses will prepare you to perform better in the workplace and can enhance your career in the digital world. Click here to view the Information Technology Fast Tracks.  

Before registering, please obtain approval from your supervisor.

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All JHU full and part-time faculty and staff are eligible for Information Technology courses. If you are not eligible, you may still be able to attend through a departmental charge.

For additional information on Information Technology courses, please email

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