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Certain courses are available only to university employees who are eligible to receive university benefits. Please check to make sure that you are eligible before registering for a course.

Before registering for courses on the myLearning website, course participants must complete a Terms and Conditions agreement. This agreement is a confirmation that you understand and agree to the following:

  • Cancellation Policy – All courses require a full week’s notice if you want to cancel. Please note that some IT courses may require more.
  • Eligibility Requirements – These programs are available to all full- and part-time faculty and staff on university payroll. Some courses are available only to employees who receive university benefits. This excludes temporary, limited, and casual employees.
  • Attendance Policy – You must arrive on time and attend an entire course.
  • Approval Policy – You must have your supervisor’s approval to take a course during business hours.
  • Payment Policy – Failure to comply with the attendance policy results in your department having to pay for the cost of a course. If you attend a course and you are not eligible to attend, you will be held personally responsible for the cost of the course and for any compensation you received while attending it.

The Terms and Conditions agreement is presented as a course on the myLearning website. Click here to access Terms and Conditions. To complete this requirement, click the “I agree” button, but make sure that you read the conditions very carefully.