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Johns Hopkins University offers a large number of courses to help you develop your career, build your leadership and management skills, and develop skills of staff members at all levels of the organization. These courses are meant to ensure that employees are getting the skills and tools they need to be successful on the job.

The Leadership, Management, and Professional Skills courses are organized in the following categories:

  • Career Development – For those JHU employees who want greater satisfaction from their jobs, wish to begin their careers, or are ready to make a career change, career development courses can be a very good place to start. These career courses, offered each Fall and Spring, are designed to help JHU employees to assess their career direction, redefine personal and professional goals, and plan steps to enhance their careers. Typical course offerings include: assessing values, interests, personality and skills; researching career fields, employers, labor trends and positions through networking and information interviews; making decisions and setting goals; and taking action through resume writing, job search, interviewing, and assessing offers. Take the time to thoughtfully plan for increased career growth and satisfaction, and consider these career development courses and resources.
  • Leadership and Management Development – Management development helps prepare individuals for increased responsibility and more complex tasks while helping them identify their personal development needs to prepare for future responsibilities. These courses prepare and educate managers to effectively direct their subordinates as they pursue the strategies and goals of their organization. Within myLearning, you will find courses in the following categories:
    • Leadership Skills Development
    • Skills for Managers
  • Staff Development – Staff Development provides specific programs for several categories of employees. It also provides generic training in a variety of work-related skills, which are organized in the following tracks:
    • Administrative Skills Development
    • Coping Skills for High-Pressure Workplace
    • Diversity
    • Innovation at Work
    • Interpersonal and Group Communication Skills
    • Project Management
    • Supervisory Training Program
    • Written Communication Skills

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