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SAP is a software system that Hopkins uses to manage administrative functions, including finance, human resources, payroll, purchasing, and materials management. It is important for every employee to know how to access and use this complex system.

Learning Solutions offers a wide variety of resources to help you learn to use SAP effectively, including e-learning programs, instructor-led courses, job aids, and Fastfacts.


Click the image to view the "Program Sequence,"
which lists the financial administrative training
courses that are available.

Getting Started
The Program Sequence is the best place to start your financial and business system training. Click here to open the Program Sequence.

When you look at the Program Sequence, you’ll notice that the courses are divided into the following six sections:

  • Introduction to Financial Administration
  • Sponsored Projects
  • Account Management
  • HR/Payroll Administration
  • Purchasing
  • Accounts Payable

Please note that you have to complete all of the e-learning courses in the “Introduction to Financial Administration” section before you may take any of the instructor-led courses in the other sections. Note that experienced users can test out of this requirement by taking a short quiz.

Other Resources

  • FastFacts – A series of online seminars was created to help users understand a variety of specific topics relevant to university employees. The format of these FastFacts courses is simple. A speaker delivers a presentation in a central location, and participants follow along using their telephones and computers. At the end of the presentation, participants have the opportunity to ask the speaker questions. FastFacts sessions often focus on SAP-related topics. Click this link to the Knowledge Network to learn more about these seminars and register for those that interest you.
  • SMART – The SAP Mapping Assistance Recommendation Tool is designed to help managers and employees figure out which SAP user roles employees need to do their jobs. Users complete a simple online questionnaire about an employee’s job functions, and the program generates a list of recommended roles. The program also allows users to look up a technical role name and find a clear, straightforward definition explaining what the role does. Click here to access the SMART application.

For additional information on Financial and Business System courses:
Learning Solutions
1101 East 33rd Street, Suite B106
Baltimore, Maryland 21218
Email: Denise_McCarty@jhmi.edu

Phone 443-997-6453

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