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At Hopkins, our goal is to ensure that supervisors and their staff across the university are having at least two conversations per year regarding areas of performance strength and professional development opportunity. We know that frequent conversations between supervisors and employees supports engagement at work, career growth, and helps ensure excellence in all our efforts. You can find tools to support you in any performance conversation here.

For some areas of the university, the performance management process is supported by an online tool, SuccessFactors. Currently, many of those areas are planning for midyear conversations. Here are some resources to help:

Are you preparing for the midyear performance review conversation?

Quick Reference Guides
For employees
For supervisors

Completing the Midyear review conversation - Winter 2017/8

How to Have an Effective Performance Review
20 Ways to Thank Your Team
Three Feedback Steps That Won't Crush Your Team



Are you ready to set goals for the coming year?

Online Learning
Developing Your Goals
Managing Goals
Goal Setting in Success Factors

Making Sure Your Employees Succeed

Quick Reference Guides
Getting Started in SuccessFactors
Setting Goals in SuccessFactors, for employees
Setting Goals in SuccessFactors, for supervisors


MANAGERS! You can see the performance forms for your indirect reports. Learn how here!

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