Leadership Development

In 1997, the university created The Leadership Development Program (LDP) as a sign of its commitment to the professional development of its faculty and senior staff. The program goal was to create a high-performing cadre of senior people who would be able to:

In 2000, an Executive Coaching component was added to extend the learning from the class sessions into the work place. Participants, who opt for this feature of the program, schedule sessions at their convenience with professional staff from Organization Developement or approved external coaches. As we have experimented successfully with leadership and managerial development over the past few years, our discussions with past participants of the LDP have emphasized the need for follow up to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the learning experience. Our goal is to open new avenues of constructive change with them as individuals and in their own workplace.

Eligibility: By invitation and special arrangement

For more information about the LDP, please contact Carolyn Cook:

(443) 997-6811 | carolyncook@jhu.edu

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