Organization Development

What is Organization Development?

The university’s Organization Development team works with leaders to develop multiple mechanisms for changing behavior and improving organizational effectiveness.
Services include:

Our clients are the senior leaders and managers of the university, those who design and oversee whole organizational systems. Organization Development helps clients implement and manage a wide range of change-related issues effectively and efficiently.

Through intensive processes of assessment, goal setting, and evaluation of organizational systems, we can provide leaders with the tools they need for comprehensive reflection and re-envisioning of their organizations.

I'm a manager. When should I call and ask for OD assistance?

Typically, an area it could benefit from the assistance of Organization Development in the following situations:

Leaders can't afford to ignore issues that detract from their organizations, nor those that could become more serious problems if not handled effectively. If you believe your area could benefit from our support, please contact us to see how we may help.

Key Organization Development processes include:

For additional information on Organization Development services contact Heather Mason at

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