JHU Human Resources

Managing Your Career

“Career Management” refers to an individual’s ongoing process of assessing and understanding his or her interests, skills, personality, and values as they relate to career choice and progression throughout the career life cycle.



The Talent Management office offers several tools to help you to better manage your career:

  • Career Management Model – Click on the link to launch the Career Management Tutorial. By following the steps in the Career Management Model, you will have a better understanding of both yourself and the job market.
  • Job Transition Guide – This guide will help you manage a change in your job status, and assist you with every stage of the career management process.
  • Career Development Courses – For those JHU employees who want greater satisfaction from their jobs, wish to begin their careers, or are ready to make a career change, career development courses can be a very good place to start.
  • Monthly Reduction in Force (RIF) Workshops – RIF workshops are designed to assist JHU employees, who have been terminated because of a lack of funds or abolishment of position, to find new employment as quickly as possible, either inside or outside of Hopkins. If you are interested in registering for this workshop or need more information, please contact our Administrative Coordinator at 443-997-4992.
  • Individual Career Counseling – JHU employees who have been RIFed or referred by an HR Manager may be eligible to participate in individual career counseling appointments. To request such assistance, call our Administrative Coordinator at 443-997-4992.
  • Resources – This site provides a variety of resources to help you during each stage of the career management process.